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Continuous-flow lane project revised
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A continuous-flow lane project in Dawson County, a first in the state, has been revised.

The project is scheduled for the busy intersection of Highways 400 and 53.

At noon on July 10, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce will host its monthly luncheon at Peach Brandy Cottage, with GDOT Project Manager Robert Murphy as its guest speaker.

The new continuous-flow design will improve traffic congestion at that intersection, and save taxpayers money, Murphy said. Originally, the cost was enormous, over $100 million, and it included overpasses. It would have destroyed local businesses at that intersection.

The current price tag is $22 million.

GDOT has acquired 70 percent of right-of-way for the project, costing taxpayers $9.1 million to date.

We anticipate having all right-of-way acquired by November, Murphy said.

Eighty percent of funding for the project comes from the federal level with 20 percent from Georgia gas taxes.

A projected increase in vehicles at the intersection over the next 20 years prompted GDOT to consider solutions.

Right now, through 2015 on SR 400, we have approximately 38,350 vehicles, Murphy said. In 20 years, by 2035, were looking at more than 60,000. On SR 53, there are approximately 20,000 with a 20-year increase expected to be roughly 32,600.

Murphy said the figures are estimates and updates are underway. He also said GDOT is updating crash data from the heavily traveled intersection.

We expect to have revised reporting by August or September, he said.

Chamber members and visitors are invited to attend at $12.50 for members who register early, and $15 for guests. For more information, call 706-265-6278.