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City, county come to agreement on LOST
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The City of Dawsonville and Dawson County governments have reached an agreement with how to split the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST) funds for the next 10 years.

The resolution reads: "The City of Dawsonville and Dawson County have achieved an agreement to divide the local option sales tax proceeds as follows: 88 percent to Dawson County and 12 percent to the City of Dawsonville."

Previously, the county received 86 percent of the funds with the city receiving 14 percent, plus paying the county an additional $160,000 annually for police and fire protection.

The two governments met Sept. 4 at 5 p.m. to approve the resolution.

"I want to thank those that worked on these negotiations," Mayor James Grogan said following the vote, explaining that "there are more to these negotiations" than some people might think.

"Everybody gave a little bit, and everybody won," he said regarding the final agreement.

Commission Chairman Mike Berg was also complimentary of the process.

"We did the citizens proud," he said, calling the agreement an "amiable solution."