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Bones remain unidentified
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No identification has been made on the skull found last weekend in Dawson County.

A skull believed to belong to a human was found in Dawson County Sunday, Nov. 30.

The skull was discovered in the woods near Hanging Dog Road when hunters were moving a deer stand, Dawson County Sheriff Public Information Officer Tony Wooten said.

Wooten said a jacket and other bones were found near the skull.

The skull was sent to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab, Wooten said.

Sherry Lang, a spokesperson for the GBI said she could not estimate when the bureau would be able to make an identification.

Wooten said the Forsyth County Sheriffs Office was called in to assist with the investigation.

In February of 2014, Wooten said a missing Forsyth County mans truck was found in the same area on Hanging Dog Road. Wooten said the area was searched at the time with search-and-rescue dogs, but nothing was found. The missing mans name is not being released.

Forsyth County Public Information Officer Robin Regan said the department is waiting for identification on the bones from Dawson County before trying to make a connection with the unidentified missing man.

There has not been any identification yet, but they (Dawson County) will let us know right away when they can confirm that, Regan said last week.