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Board of Commissioners asked to approve spending
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Dawson County Board of Commissioners are considering the approval of funding landscaping and lighting for roundabouts and FY2014 budget amendments.

Public Works Director David Headley made a request for approval of lighting and landscape maintenance for roundabouts in the county. Currently there is only one roundabout in the county but two are proposed (SR 52 and SR 183 and SR 53 and SR 183). GDOT requires the county to pay for the energy and maintenance of lighting and landscape at such traffic flow situations while GDOT pays for the installation and material costs. If approved the cost could range from less than $1,000 to more than $5,000, depending up the type and location of lighting chosen.

Separately, Dawson County Chief Financial Officer Dena Bosten shared the FY 2014 budget amendments resolution with the board as required by Georgia law. The original budget for the general fund was $20.8 million and the final amended FY 2014 general fund budget was $21 million, an increase of $127,057, and less than a percentage increase over the original budget, according to Bosten.

The majority of the changes were the result of insurance adjustments and the two percent COLA (cost of living adjustment) that was previously approved by the board, according to Bosten.

"Additionally $23,000 was presented by Judge Lindsay Burton on behalf of Juvenile Court for costs associated with the new indigent defense requirements," Boston said. These changes are part of federal requirements.

County Attorney Joey Homans addressed concerns regarding the intergovernmental agreement for animal control enforcement with the city of Dawsonville. The agreement was approved on May 5 by the city council and is the third version between the two parties. Homans concerns include wording in the agreement and its enforcement,

Instead of hiring a company to monitor the clean-up of storm debris, "the county manager decidedto utilize part time and full time county employees to get the monitoring work completed for less money and still meet the FEMA and GEMA guidelines in the time required," Chairman Mike Berg said.

In other business:

Natalie Johnson, Dawson County accounting and budget manager, made a request to approve Goldman & Co. of Marietta, Ga. to perform an audit of the Dawson County Humane Society and to extend the deadline two months.

A request for approval of the FY 2016 Legacy Link contract by Senior Center Director Dawn Pruett which would continue to allow the county to receive funds for meals served to senior clients and daily management at the center.

A presentation by Director of Administration David McKee, regarding property and liability insurance for approval of the annual service contract. McKee recommended staying with provider ACCG-IRMA as the company began providing dividends back to its members and these dividends reduce the annual premium.

Emergency Services Director Billy Thurmond gave a presentation for approval of two funding requests from outside sources. If approved, the funds would allow the county to purchase additional equipment at no cost to the county.