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Sweep deemed successful
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A recent multi-agency sweep to verify the whereabouts of Dawson County's nearly three dozen sex offenders resulted in the arrest of one and investigations into two others.

Dawson County Sheriff's Lt. Ray Goodie called the roundup Thursday an overall success.

"Out of all the sex offenders we have in the county, there was only one that went to jail," he said. "It was his birthday and he'd been drinking, which is a violation of his probation."

Local authorities have also opened cases into two other sex offenders as a result of information obtained during the series of unannounced searches, which included the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Marshals, probation and parole.

"Agencies like the GBI have the abilities to do forensics on computers that we would typically outsource, and the U.S. Marshals have different resources as far as if someone was not in compliance with their probation," Goodie said.

The roundup was the first in which authorities made contact with every Dawson sex offender in one night, though the sheriff's office makes routine checks on offenders.

"Anytime they move or buy a new car or change jobs, they are required to check in with us, so we can verify they are in compliance with their probation or sex offender requirements," Goodie said.

"As far as this time, we just wanted to do something a little more extensive to make sure we weren't missing anything."

A complete listing of the county's sex offender registry is available at