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Man arrested for impersonating officer
3 Police Impersonator mug

A 40-year-old Jasper man was arrested Monday for allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Mark Lanier Maddox is accused of identifying himself as a Pickens County Sheriff's deputy to the residents at a home in western Dawson County.

Dawson County Sheriff's Capt. Tony Wooten said Maddox was wearing a cap with the letters "PSO" when he pulled up to the residence on a four-wheeler and told the occupants he was conducting a survey on all-terrain vehicle use.

He reportedly also had a shotgun mounted to the ATV. Maddox left after the resident asked for his badge number and identification, Wooten said.

"They called and verified it wasn't a Pickens County officer," he said.

According to Wooten, the residents were familiar with Maddox and named him in their report.

"The residents that he approached had known him in the past from going around saying he was a Pickens County deputy, allegedly," Wooten said. "They named him in the report so they are obviously familiar with him."

Maddox was charged with impersonating an officer, a felony. He was released Tuesday on $5,400 bond.