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Inappropriate conduct reported at jail
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A Dawson County Detention Center inmate in mid-October reported a sexual assault involving a contracted food service worker and a jail inmate.

Detention staff received a report on Oct. 12 that inappropriate behavior was occurring between a male inmate and a female contracted food service kitchen manager.

The incident log provided by the Dawson County Sheriff's Office describes the sexual assault as "against a person in custody of law enforcement."

Dawson County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Jeff Johnson said that the sexual assault statute applies to those in charge of inmates, such as contracted food service workers, as well as law enforcement officers.

The allegations were investigated by the department's criminal investigation division, and Johnson said that the case was declared cleared on Oct. 20.

Johnson said that when the female worker was interviewed, she disclosed information that led the investigator to believe that she had engaged with the inmate in inappropriate touching.

As far as they know, Johnson said, the touching never amounted to intercourse.

Despite the worker's information, the department could provide no evidence, video or witnesses that would amount to the district attorney being able to prosecute the case, Johnson said.

The case is closed, but could be reopened if any new information becomes available or if any new witnesses emerge.

Johnson said the food service worker no longer works at the jail and will not be allowed back at the detention center.

The worker is employed by ABL Management, who has a contract with the jail.

Johnson said that the department will meet with the head of the food service company on Oct. 31 to determine if the female worker should be terminated by the company.

According to Johnson, ABL knows that the employee was removed from the jail but has not been provided with any other information.

Roshon Cody, a representative with ABL Management, declined to comment about the incident.