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Four charged in drug bust
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Four men remain in custody after a weekend drug bust in Dawson County.


Dawson County residents Timmy James Martin, 42, and Gordon Major Pirkle Jr. and Ray Lewis Schandera, both 43, each face a felony possession of methamphetamine charge.


Isabel Carlos Benites, 54, whose address was not available, has been charged with trafficking methamphetamine.


Dawson County Sheriff’s Lt. Tony Wooten said investigators had been watching Martin for several months and set up surveillance near his home early Saturday.


The investigation then led to Pirkle’s home, which authorities obtained a warrant to search.


“While officers secured the residence and were waiting on the search warrant, a small amount of methamphetamine was found on his person [Pirkle],” Wooten said.


A search warrant also was issued for Martin’s home.


“At that time, he [Martin] fled on foot with investigators shortly behind him watching as he scattered what is believed to be methaphetamine,” Wooten said.

“He was taken into custody at that point.”


Wooten said Martin was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center because of the possibility he “may have ingested the drug while he was running.”


Schandera was arrested when he arrived at Martin’s home with suspected methamphetamine on him. He also had warrants for his arrest in connection with previous drug offenses.


During the daylong operation, investigators received information that Benites wanted to sell about four ounces of methamphetamine at a location on War Hill Park Road, Wooten said.


Undercover officers met him there, where he was arrested and charged with trafficking.  


Authorities estimated the value of the confiscated drugs at about $5,000.