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DNR continues investigation
No arrests made in illegal dumping
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The investigation continues into last month’s illegal dumping of dozens of barrels of old paint and solvents in the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area.


“There have been no arrests and no warrants issued,” said Ken Riddleburger, game management supervisor with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


“But I feel like with the evidence we’ve been able to collect at the scene and the information from tips we’ve received, we’ll be able to find who did this.”


More than three dozen barrels of the hazardous materials were tossed on Wildcat Campground Road off Steve Tate Highway.


Liquid leaking from at least one of the 40, 55-gallon barrels prompted motorists to notify authorities, Riddleburger said.


The road, which leads to a campground and is a popular hunting destination, reopened last week after crews removed the barrels and damaged soil.


Riddleberger said the environmental impact, if any, the leakage may have caused to the area has not been determined.


If felony charges were brought in the case, Riddleberger said fines and jail time could result.


The state could also seek restitution for the cleanup, he said.


Anyone with information, should call DNR at (770) 535-5499.