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Arrest Report: Feb. 26, 2020
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Feb. 17 


John Randall Allen, 38, Covington: Possession of marijuana, drug related objects, open container violation, D.U.I/alcohol, defective or no taillights. 


Bryan Keith Martin, 44, Dawsonville: Interference with a 911 call, Battery (family violence), false imprisonment, aggravated sodomy. 


Andrew Earl Norton, 33, Dawsonville: Parole violation. 


Feb. 18


Dustin Hall Blackstone, 45, Gainseville: Probation violation (MISD). 


Kareem Amon Bishop, 36, Gainesville: Failure to comply, drug court. 


Joshua Dawayne Herrington, 31, Gainesville: Here for court. 


Paul Michael Smith, 39, GA: Probation violation (MISD). 


Sebastian Doyle Weaver, 20, Toccoa: Here for court. 


Feb. 19


Christopher Lee Archer, 24, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence.


Samuel Charles Gooch, 38, Dawsonville: Failure to comply with HELP court, probation violation (felony). 


Benjamin Chase Martin, 27, Gainesville: Serving county sentence (6 mos).


Tommy Franklin Ray, 62, Dawsonville: Hold for other agency.


Kelley Mcarthur Sanders, 47, Ellijay: Simple Battery (family violence). 


Michael Shane Withers, 41, Dawsonville: Serving county sentence. 


Preston David Youngblood, 57, Dawsonville: Driving while license suspended/revoked, failure to wear seat belt. 


Feb. 20 


Kareim Saadi Alasady, 24, Lawrenceville: Serving county sentence (30 days).


Samuel Johnnie Davis, 27, Dawsonville: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.


Tiffany Rena Fister, 35, Dahlonega: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.


Jensen Ambachen, 43, East Meadow, NY: Homicide by vehicle, failure to yield crossing/intersection, failure to stop for stop sign.


Brizek Ray Fry, 31, Dahlonega: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court. 


Shane Ray Lemley, 31, GA: Probation violation (MISD), obstruction of officer. 


Billy Joe Ken Mathis, 28, Jasper: Probation violation (felony). 


Kimberly Kay Newsome, 45, Dawsonville: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court. 


Justin Kyle Prince, 30, Cherokee: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.


Jonathan Samuel Sadie, 30, Dawsonville: Bench warrant/failure to appear in court.


Feb. 21


Sean Paul Delehanty, 50, Dahlonega: Weekender (2 days).


Nathan Dylan Tull, 46, Dawsonville: Obstruction of officer, bench warrant/failure to appear in court. 


Hunter Vecchio, 17: Probation violation (felony). 


Feb. 22


Gal Nesher, 18, Fulton: Possession of marijuana <1 oz., drug related objects, public fishing areas, fish hatcheries, natural areas, or wildlife mana. 


James Gage Sheffield, 25, Dawsonville: Failure to comply/ DRUG COURT.


Jonathan Paul Stowers, 32, Dawsonville: Failure to comply/DRUG COURT.


Michael Shane Withers, 41, Dawsonville: Failure to comply/TREATMENT COURT.


Feb. 23


Andrew William Holtzclaw, 25, Dawsonville: Violation driver’s liscense restrictions, D.U.I. /alcohol. 


Levi William Luppino, 18, Dawsonville: Violation driver’s license restrictions, D.U.I., tire requirements.


Oscar Noel Morales, 18, Dawsonville: Charges pending. 


Brandon Roscoe Nix, 38, Dahlonega: D.U.I., failure to maintain lane. 


Richard Franklin Seale, 37, Norcross: Charges pending.


Robert Walter Sheriff, 60, Ballground: Charges pending. 


Shawn Michael Stafford, 35, GA: Hold for other agency.