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4 men charged for racing on Ga. 400
2 Racing on 400 Paterson mug

High-speed races on Ga. 400 over the weekend landed four drivers behind bars facing numerous traffic violations.

Jail records show the arrests of men ranging in age from 24 to 37.

Joshua Clinton Rich, 24, and Andrew Raymon Prince, 25, both of Dahlonega, were taken into custody Friday evening by Dawson County Sheriff's Sgt. Anthony Davis.

Both were charged with speeding and driving/participating in a race.

Rich is also accused of fleeing and eluding a police officer.

According to arrest reports, Rich and Prince reached speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour as they raced along Ga. 400.

Prince was arrested near Landrum Road, while Rich continued on Ga. 400.

Dawson County Sheriff's spokesman Capt. Tony Wooten said Davis opted against continuing his pursuit of Rich as he attempted to flee the traffic stop, rather than "having to put other lives in danger" with a high-speed chase.

"Sgt. Davis noticed that both trucks were identified with the same markings where it turned out they both worked, so he knew where he'd be able to locate the suspect," Wooten said.

Rich was taken into custody later that evening in Lumpkin County.

"During the interview, he admitted to knowing that Sgt. Davis was attempting to stop him," Wooten said.

Two days later, state troopers arrested 37-year-old Nathaniel Patterson of Stone Mountain and 29-year-old Brett Jace Peterson of Cumming on similar charges.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Mark Cox said the pair was part of a Camaro club that had been at an event in Helen earlier that day.

"They like to come up here and run the mountains," he said. "We've been having this issue for years now."

Peterson's charges include speeding (116 in a 65 mph zone), reckless driving, tinted taillights and driving or participating in a race.

Patterson was charged with speeding, racing on highways or streets, reckless driving, expired tag and a taillight violation.

According to Cox, the pair had paced traffic by driving side by side and not letting anyone pass as they headed south on Ga. 400.

The practice, he said, opens the roadway for racing.

Cox said he first clocked the pair at 84 mph, then again at 116.

After turning around and making his way through the thick traffic, Cox was able to catch up with Peterson at Anytime Fitness, while Patterson fled and was seen hiding at a nearby business park.

Cox said witnesses, who reported the suspects had ran them off the road, helped locate Patterson at a nearby business park.

"They were pretty adamant about testifying in the prosecution of the case," Cox said.

The trooper also hopes to be able to use video from a GoPro camera Peterson had strapped to his dashboard.

"We confiscated the camera and are in the process of getting a search warrant to view what's on the video," he said.