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1 arrested after stop by deputy
Garbage bags of marijuana found
3 Pot bust mug - Seibert

Several garbage bags filled with harvested marijuana plants were discovered during a traffic stop last week in Dawson County.

The Dawson County Sheriff's Office has charged the driver, 24-year-old Ashley Seibert of Alpharetta, with manufacturing marijuana, possession of marijuana, speeding and a tire requirement violation.

Sheriff's Capt. Tony Wooten said Seibert was speeding June 24 when she was pulled over by Cpl. Randy Mullis on Hwy. 9 South.

According to Wooten, the 10 bags contained a collection of grow items, including 32 plastic containers used to fertilize about 68 root systems of marijuana plants.

"Over an ounce of marijuana was still attached to the stems of the plants," he said.

Sheriff Billy Carlisle called the arrest a significant bust for the department and for Mullis.

"His training paid off that he knew what to look for to make this arrest. He did a good job," Carlisle said.

She was released on $20,200 bond June 27, according to jail records.