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Wal-Mart donates to local nonprofits
Wal-Mart pic
Rainbow Nation and No Longer Bound each received a $1,000 donation from the local Wal-Mart last week. From left, Noelle Smith, Bryan Smith, Sean Smith, Cecil Bennett and Mike Harden. - photo by Photo/Elizabeth Hamilton

The giving and supporting spirit of the Dawson County Wal-Mart continues, even during hard economic times.


Rainbow Nation and No Longer Bound, two non-profit organizations that serve Dawson County, each received a $1,000 donation Feb. 9 from Wal-Mart.


According to community involvement coordinator Cecil Bennett, the company has given away $174,416 to the community through donations to various organizations since its grand opening in July 2006.


“We like to give to people and organizations that give back to the community,” said Cecil Bennett, community involvement coordinator of the local store.


“We are proud to be able to give this money, and we appreciate all that you do for Dawson County,” Bennett said to the representatives with the two non-profits.


Rainbow Nation is an outreach mission that focuses on animal rescue and a community outreach program for special needs children.


“We heal animals, and animals heal people,” said Executive Director Sean Smith. “Our mission is planting a seed of hope and watching it grow.”


No Longer Bound is a 10-month, in-patient recovery program for adult males suffering from alcohol and drug addictions. 


“Our regeneration program is a faith-based, long-term process of recovery,” said Executive Director Mike Harden. “The purpose of the regeneration program is to provide an opportunity for the men at NLB to learn to take responsibility for their own recovery and adopt a whole lifestyle change.”


Each recipient was appreciative of the donation.


“We would like to thank Wal-Mart for their heartfelt efforts to support community in the family, as well as the animals of the family,” said Smith.