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Second rate reduction on way from Sawnee
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Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation has announced a second rate reduction for its customers.

In September, the electric company announced a reduction in the Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment factor, by which most electric bills are calculated.

That rate change went into effect Oct. 1, and on Oct. 22 the corporation announced a second reduction that went into effect Oct. 31.

The first reduction reduces bills by $7.50 per every 1,500 kilowatts used for the months of October, November and December.

The second reduction essentially doubles the savings through the end of the year since it is set at the same amount as the first reduction.

Since bills are calculated based on use, customers' individual savings will depend on how much power they use each month.

This action will further lower electricity rates for some 136,000 Sawnee EMC customers on energy bills processed in November and December.

It is estimated the total rate reduction will save Sawnee members more than $1.9 million over the November and December billing periods.

Blake House, vice president of member services, said the additional reduction, which as the first was approved by the corporation's board of directors, comes at a good time.

"This is once again very good news and we are pleased to be able to deliver a second rate reduction in the last two months," House said in a statement.