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New service organization geared toward young professionals
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A group of local young professionals is moving closer to establishing a chapter of the Jaycees in Dawson County.


The Jaycees, or the Junior Chamber of Commerce, is a national organization geared toward young professionals between the ages of 21 and 39 that works to support their communities through service and social projects.


When Clint Bearden graduated law school and passed the bar exam last year, he already had a job lined up with a local law firm and a pretty extensive list of contacts.


Determined to make a name for himself in the community where he grew up, Bearden also joined several local organizations.


Looking around as he attended these meetings, he was surprised by the small number of young professionals involved in the organizations.


While his involvement in the organizations was based on the premise to meet a variety of people, he had also hoped to spur personal relationships with other younger professionals.


“When we go out to these meetings, it’s all business. I was looking for something that would also include more personal relationships with other young professionals in the community,” he said.


Bearden began researching the Jaycees at the urging of a colleague at his law firm, who is a member of the Lanier Jaycees, based in Forsyth County.


“They’re a fairly new chapter, only a few years old, but they’re established and have done a lot of good for the community,” Bearden said.


After talking to a few of the young professionals he had met in the county, many who shared his views to be involved in an organization with like minded young professionals while also giving back to the community, Bearden contacted the state Jaycees to charter a chapter in Dawson County.


Currently, the group consists of about 15 interested members, although the regional president prefers the number to be closer to 25 to charter a chapter, Bearden said.


He hopes spreading the word that a chapter is possible in the county will urge more young professionals to step up and take part.


“There are so many young professionals that aren’t involved in anything, and that could be because they feel there is no outlet for them,” Bearden said.


Jay Sessions, a human resources administrator for Dawson County, encourages anyone interested to take advantage and be part of the organization that could help grow the county’s future leaders.


“It will be a way for us to network and grow professional relationships that will help us as the future leaders of this county,” Sessions said.


Bearden added that in 10 years, it will be the younger generation who will be leading some of the other organizations in the county.


“This is a great opportunity to take on leadership roles and have a bigger part in the organization and its projects,” he said.


In keeping with the youthful foundation, the group is also considering forming a softball team and having monthly socials, so it’s not all work and no play.


“We hope to have a lot of fun and give something back to the community,” Sessions said.


For more information, call Bearden at (706) 344-3933 or (706) 974-8870.


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