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Digital marketing agency for businesses launched
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The Web is wide open for business.

It's a sprawling network of people, places and ideas that, while limitless in possibility, can be overwhelming in its vastness. It can be especially daunting for those looking to market products and services to the right kind of audience or customer.

Advanced Media Solutions, a division of The Times, a sister paper of the Dawson County News, is a new digital agency that aims to help companies navigate the often confusing world of the online and mobile marketplaces.

"Local businesses are constantly solicited by out-of-market companies offering a host of digital services," said Jenny Syversen, director of sales and marketing for The Times.

"With AMS, we can provide a wide range of online and mobile marketing tools and services, with trained staff that our customers can talk to face-to-face to plan strategies for intelligent business growth."

Services provided by Advanced Media Solutions include social media marketing, local business listing services, reputation monitoring, video visibility programs, email marketing and responsive website design services.

Integrated Marketing Specialist Amanda Groover said the goal is to educate clients about digital opportunities and provide competitive analysis to help local businesses succeed.

"Giving businesses in our area the opportunity to target a specific ZIP code, keyword, demographic or product through an expanded digital platform that goes beyond existing company websites is exciting for our community," Groover said.

She said Advanced Media Solutions aims to "help our clients and local businesses create a comprehensive marketing plan that can provide top of mind awareness throughout the year, and also data-driven target marketing during peak traffic seasons."

Options include search and site retargeting, geo-targeting, contextual and behavioral targeting and Facebook exchange marketing services.

"A lot of companies in our area have been using these retargeting options over the last couple of years," Groover said. "I am excited that our area businesses can now get those same results backed by the reputation and credibility of The Times."

For more information about Advanced Media Solutions, call Groover at (770) 535-6346 or email