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United Community Bank to host yard sale for United Way
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United Community Bank is hosting a yard sale to raise money for The United Way for Dawson County on Nov. 15.


Employees of the bank have been asked to donate household items to be sold at the event. All proceeds will be donated to the United Way.


“It’s such a good cause,” said Kara Hewatt, marketing director for United Community Bank. “We want to see the United Way fully equipped to continue all the great work they do for this county.”


The bank conducts a fundraiser each fall for United Way. This will be the first time a yard sale has been hosted by United Community Bank to raise funds.


Any items in good condition left unsold at the yard sale will possibly be donated to Abba House, an organization that helps women overcome addiction, according to Hewatt.


“We choose to raise money for the United Way every year because they in turn help so many local organizations. The money stays within the community and is spread among people from all walks of life,” explained Hewatt.


“We wish them all the luck in the world, because we really need the help in Dawson County this year,” said Ruth Goode, executive director of the United Way for Dawson County.


“It’s just wonderful. These fundraisers give the average citizen an opportunity to help out their community,” said Goode. 


The yard sale will take place at United Community Bank’s 400 office, located on the corner of Hwy, 400 and Hwy. 53, from 7 a.m. to noon Saturday.


Donations for the yard sale can be brought to the bank office until Nov. 13.


For more information about the yard sale or to find out how to make donations to the yard sale, contact Hewatt at (706) 265-3232.