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Produce market continues to grow
Market could continue until Labor Day
Produce Market pic 2
Several fruit and vegetable growers from Dawson County and the surrounding area convene at the county extension office to sell their produce at the start of the annual produce market, July 2. Dawson County Extension Agent Clark Beusse said all local growers are invited to participate in the market. "Large-scale farms and even people with your typical small gardens come to sell at the market," said Beusse. - photo by Adam C. Stapleton

"Every year we do this it seems to get bigger and better," said Dawson County Extension Office Agent Clark Beusse, speaking of the county's sixth annual Produce Market, which opened for business July 2.

"This year's opening day was the most crowded that I've seen yet," Beusse said.

Beusse is also the chief organizer of the produce market, which brings several area growers to the heart of Dawsonville, in the parking lot of the extension office, each year to sell their fruits and vegetables.

"I expect that we'll have at least 50 different growers selling this year," said Beusse, who added that the market offers everything from freshly grown string beans, raspberries and cabbage, to garlic, onions, potatoes and much more.

"We may even be seeing some tomatoes for sale very soon," said Beusse.

Beusse said the market's increasing level of success is an indication of how beneficial it is to the Dawson County community.

"I think it's an important contribution to the community and shows that the county is still very much a rural place and rooted in the farming tradition," said Beusse, who encourages all lovers of home-grown fruits and vegetables to arrive at the market early to take full advantage of the produce offered there.

"The official opening time for the market is at 7:30 a.m. However, many of the sellers show up at 7 (a.m.) or earlier and only bring so much to sell. Many times much of the produce has already been sold by about 9 (a.m.)," said Beusse.

The Dawson County Produce Market is open each Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until 10 a.m. and is located in the parking lot of the Dawson County Extension Office in downtown Dawsonville.

Beusse said the market will be open for the next few months depending on weather and the amount of rain the county receives this season.

"If we get enough rain this season, the market could be open until Labor Day. It's all dependent on the weather," he said.

For questions or more information on the Dawson County Produce Market, call the county Extension Office at (706) 265-2442.

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