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Q&A with Commissioner Gaines after receiving his pilot’s license
Chris Gaines
Chris Gaines (right) this past weekend collecting his pilot's license. Photo submitted.

Everybody wants to reach great heights in their life. 

Though everyone has different standards for what personal success is, it is always nice when a community can rally around one of their own reaching one of their life long goals. 

Dawson County Commissioner Chris Gaines reached one of his new goals after obtaining his pilot’s license last weekend. 

DCN editor Jacob Smith talked with Gaines about his new documentation. 

JS: So when did this happen? 

CG: I was introduced to North Georgia Aviation flight school in Gainesville by a close friend that knows the owner Bud. After visiting and discussing a plan I signed up in June (5 months ago) and started this adventure.

What is your favorite part of flying?

Flying is just an incredible experience and something everyone should try at some point. Not only is it a time machine that allows me to get places quicker to spend more time on business or with friends, family and activities that I enjoy but also it’s just beautiful being up in the air soaring over North Georgia. Training during the fall has allowed me the opportunity to see the leaves change colors from a different perspective and seeing the lake come alive as the sun rises and burns off the low layer fog that covers the water is magical. Flying in the evening has presented me the opportunity to see the sunset over the beautiful north Georgia mountains which is an incredible experience.

How long have you known you wanted to fly? 

Growing up I had a really good friend who’s dad was a pilot for the Atlanta Gas Light company. My friend and I would hang out at the hangar during the summers and I always thought how cool it would be to have my license to fly a plane on my own. I finally made the decision this year to get it done and I am proud of my accomplishment. 

What’s next for you now that you’re a licensed pilot? 

Obtaining a private pilot's license really is the first step to more learning and training on how to improve your new skill and continuing to become a safer pilot. I plan to move into the next level certification and become an instrument rated pilot hopefully in the spring of 2022 as well as a high performance endorsement so that i can fly faster planes. I guess the best line I can say is literally “the sky's the limit” from here!