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Nicole Stewart named to Georgia Trend’s 2022 “40 Under 40” list
Dawson County Tax Commissioner Nicole Stewart.

Nicole Stewart, Dawson County’s tax commissioner, has recently been named to Georgia Trend’s  2022 “40 Under 40” list, a collection of some of the brightest leaders in the state under the age of 40.

Stewart was the youngest tax commissioner in the state when she was first elected to the role in 2017, and she is now in her second term. In addition to serving in her elected role, Stewart also serves as the president of the Rotary Club of Dawson County and the secretary for the Veterans Affairs of Dawson County. 

Dawson County Tax Commissioner Nicole Stewart has recently been named to Georgia Trend’s 2022 “40 Under 40” list and was honored during an event at the end of October. (photo courtesy of Nicole Stewart)

In order to be selected for the prestigious “40 Under 40” list, candidates must be leaders in their fields and in their communities. 

“These outstanding young leaders make their homes throughout Georgia and represent the healthcare, legal, nonprofit and government sectors as well as large corporations and entrepreneurial startups,” the 2022 list reads. “While they excel in their day jobs, they also find time to volunteer and give back to their communities and the causes they’re passionate about.” 

The 40 people selected to the list are selected by Georgia Trend from nominations submitted by readers all across the state. Stewart said that, while she doesn’t know who submitted her name, she was very surprised and grateful to have even been nominated for it. 

“I had gotten an email maybe two months before October saying ‘congratulations you’ve been selected’ and I actually called them to verify and make sure it was real before I got excited,” Stewart said. “I don’t know who nominated me and no one has come out and said they nominated me; but it’s great because someone here thought I should at least be looked at which is an honor to even be considered.” 

Dawson County Tax Commissioner Nicole Stewart has recently been named to Georgia Trend’s 2022 “40 Under 40” list and was honored during an event at the end of October. (photo courtesy of Nicole Stewart)

Stewart and the other people who were selected for the list were honored at an event at the end of October in the ballroom at the Georgia Aquarium. During the event, she said that she enjoyed getting to hear about the others on the list and getting to network with other accomplished individuals from across the state. 

“They introduced us all and gave us all our awards and as they called us each up there they spoke about each of us for a minute or so, and there are some very accomplished people in Georgia under 40 — so I was very honored to be on the list especially after I heard some of the accomplishments; these people are amazing,” Stewart said. “It was really neat because I got to meet some of the other people on the list; I met some really outstanding people in the state of Georgia so it was a nice experience.” 

Stewart said that she’s very excited and humbled to have made it onto the list, and that the honor is a welcome encouragement that she’s doing what she does well. 

“Unfortunately, sometimes you hear more of the negative than the positive, so it was really nice to be recognized and that someone thought that I was doing a good job,” Stewart said. "We have a great county — I don’t really have a lot of people coming in who aren’t very nice — but no one likes to pay taxes and every so often people are a little frustrated and upset, so it is nice to have someone nominate me and say ‘we may not like paying but you are doing a great job and we appreciate it’.” 

When she’s not working as the county’s tax commissioner or volunteering in the community, Stewart said that she likes to go camping, spend time with friends and attend Georgia football games. 

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