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DCSO employee retires after 33 years in law enforcement
Anne Martin
Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson presents Anne Martin with a plaque honoring her 33 years in law enforcement during her retirement party on May 7, 2021. - photo by Erica Jones

After a 33-year career with Dawson, Forsyth and Lumpkin County law enforcement agencies, Anne Martin has officially retired from the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office. 

Martin began her career in October 1988 when she applied to become a dispatcher for the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office after seeing an ad in the paper. Over the years of her time in law enforcement, she worked her way up through several different titles, including detention officer, chief jailer, captain, sergeant, lieutenant and investigator. 

Anne Martin 2
Assembled Dawson County Sheriff’s Office employees thank Anne Martin and wish her the best during her retirement party on May 7, 2021. - photo by Erica Jones

Martin was recognized in 1994 as the Georgia Correctional Administrator of the Year. She left Dawson County in 1996 and served briefly with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and then with the Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office as a patrol officer and as an investigator before returning to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office in 2006, where she filled many more roles before serving as the administrative assistant for the sheriff’s office up until retirement.

During a retirement party for Martin on May 7, Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson presented her with a plaque and thanked her for her service. She then officially “signed off” on the county’s patrol radio system among cheering and applause from both the assembled law enforcement personnel and those on the radio. 

Johnson also presented Martin with a framed document recounting memories from throughout her career.

“We’ve all said it that she could go back from day one and write a book, how wonderful it would be and the stories it would tell,” Johnson said. “She’ll keep folks on her toes — I’ve seen her keep inmates in line here and I’ve seen her keep staff in line here — we’re gonna miss her.”

Martin said that her job has seen ups and downs, but that overall it’s been a very rewarding 33 years. 

Anne Martin 3
Dawson County Sheriff’s Office employees listen to Sheriff Jeff Johnson recount memories from Anne Martin’s 33-year career during her retirement party on May 7, 2021. - photo by Erica Jones

“Nowadays it’s totally different from when I started out; I’ve worked for some wonderful great sheriffs over the years,” Martin said. “It’s been a great journey, it’s been fun, it’s been very rewarding and I’ve learned a lot.” 

After retirement, Martin said that she plans to rest and possibly pick up some part-time jobs to keep her busy. 

“I work part-time at the florist, I’ll probably do some part-time jobs — whatever comes around,” Martin said. “I’ll just have to go day-by-day and see what’s happening.” 

Johnson said that while Martin will be missed, he and the rest of the Sheriff’s Office personnel are thankful for her service and excited for her in retirement. 

“We just wanna love on Ms. Anne for all she’s done for us,” Johnson said. “She’s awesome, 33 years is awesome and we’re gonna miss her.”