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Dawson County family turns front yard into Christmas holiday light show
For the last 5 years, Cameron Cowart and his family have decorated their houses in Dawson County extensively for Christmas. Decorations include a drive-by holiday light show for other residents in the county. - photo by Erica Jones

A local family has turned their front yard into a full-blown light show for Christmas, complete with a radio station for spectators to tune in to as the lights “dance” to the music. 

Cameron Cowart said that his family has been decorating their home in Dawson County for Christmas for the past 5 years, and over that time decorating has become a month-long process. 

“We start the day after Halloween putting it up and have them on by Thanksgiving — it’s a ton of work,” Cowart said. “It takes most of the month to put it up, make sure it’s all programmed and make sure all the lights are gonna go off when they’re supposed to.” 

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Even though it takes about a month to get his house totally decorated, Cameron Cowart says that it's all worth it to see people enjoying it. - photo by Erica Jones

The light show consists of about 7500 lights and a 20-foot “mega tree” that looks like it’s spinning in a circle. A sign in the front yard encourages spectators driving by to tune their car radio to 107.7, which plays a loop of Christmas music, with the lights flashing in time. 

Cowart said that his love for Christmas decorating comes from his childhood and many years of decorating his childhood home. 

“Growing up, me and my parents always had a lot of lights in our front yard; you know, all the small lights, ceramic, plastic, that kind of thing,” Cowart said. “Then a few years ago we saw a video on Youtube of a house that had these kinds of lights, so we looked into it and then took off with it.” 

Now a father, Cowart is starting to pass his love for Christmas lights to his own son. 

2020 light display 1

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2020 light display 2

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“My son goes to Robinson Elementary, so a lot of his friends come by and he tells all his teachers and everybody to come see his lights,” Cowart said. “He thinks it’s pretty cool; he’ll say things like ‘so-and-so at school said that they came by to see our lights last night.’” 

In the past year, Cowart’s family moved from one home in Dawson County to another, so this is their first year doing the Christmas light show at a new location. And even though they are starting fresh in a new location, he said that the 2020 season has been busier than ever for spectators.

“We’ve had quite a bit of traffic this year; sometimes when I come home I have to wait to get in cause there’s a lot of people around my driveway,” Cowart said. “It’s been busier than last year; last year wasn’t near as busy.” 

Cowart said that despite how much work setting up the lights is, it’s all worth it seeing how many people enjoy the light show. 

“A lot of people say things like ‘every night when we come home we have to stop and watch your lights for a little bit’,” Cowart said. “I do it all for the kids.” 

The light show runs until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and until 11:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday during the Christmas season. 

You can see Cowart’s light show at 9 Rand Way in Dawsonville.