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Skate park coming soon to Dawsonville’s Main Street Park
MSP Skate Park
The city of Dawsonville is preparing to open a brand new skate park area at Main Street Park. Officials say that the area should open by early September 2021. - photo by Erica Jones

The city of Dawsonville will soon have its very own skate park, which city officials hope to open during the first weekend in September as part of Main Street Park’s next phase of development. 

According to Dawsonville Finance Administrator Robin Gazaway, the city has already poured a concrete pad where the skate park will be installed at Main Street Park, once the park’s equipment is delivered. 

“We’ve already got everything on order and they’re hoping to deliver it by the end of this month,” Gazaway said. “So this is one of our next additions — we keep trying to change it up and add little things here and there to just kind of improve everything in the downtown area.” 

The skate park, which was designed by an American company specializing in skate and bike parks, will include several different ramps and seating for riders and spectators.

“There’s gonna be various ramps above ground on top of the concrete pad,” Gazaway said. “And we’re still kind of in the development phase about how we wanna position everything, but we’d like to have some kind of seating there for them so they can change shoes or change the wheels or whatever, or if somebody wants to watch there’s some seating there for people to sit and relax.” 

Gazaway said that she and other city officials are excited to bring the skate park to the community as part of ongoing efforts to improve the city’s park. One of the biggest reasons they’re excited, she said, is because the new park will provide a fun hangout spot for the county’s teenagers. 

“I think this is gonna be awesome for everybody to use, and we’re hoping to keep the teenagers a little bit busy,” Gazaway said. “Especially when school’s in there’s a lot of teenagers that skateboard from the school, so they’ll be able to come use it.”

But the city officials aren’t the only ones looking forward to opening the park, she said. The city has reportedly talked to young local skateboarders, and Gazaway reported that they are just as excited about the park’s installation. 

“We have talked to some of the teenagers around and they seem to be excited about it,” she said. “They actually are already using the concrete pad without the ramps or anything — they’re just skating on the concrete pad.” 

The new skate park will be located on the end of Main Street Park closest to the Dawson County Professional Development Center, 28 Main Street, Dawsonville. 

Gazaway said that, if all goes as planned, they hope to install the skate park equipment at the end of July, with an official grand opening tentatively scheduled in conjunction with the city’s Sept. 3, 2021, Food Truck Friday event.