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Disc golf comes to Dawsonville
Disc Golf 1
Disc golfers enjoy the new “Shiners 9” course at Main Street Park in Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

This summer, the City of Dawsonville is adding yet another exciting new activity to Main Street Park: a nine-hole disc golf course. 

Disc golfers enjoy the new “Shiners 9” course at Main Street Park in Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

The course, dubbed the “Shiners 9”, winds through Main Street Park, beginning and ending near the park entrance behind City Hall. Currently, the course consists of baskets and tee pads marked off with flags, and the city will soon be pouring concrete tee pads and adding signs for each hole. 

Disc golf is a sport in which plastic discs are thrown into a series of metal baskets, and much like traditional golf the goal is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws possible. The sport has gained popularity over the past several years, and while there are disc golf courses in neighboring counties like Lumpkin and Forsyth the “Shiners 9” is the first course to be installed in Dawson County. 

“For anybody who plays disc golf, it’s like any course that you hear about that’s close by — everybody goes to play it,” City Clerk Beverly Banister said. 

Banister, who disc golfs with her husband, was instrumental in the installation of the course at Main Street Park. Together with other volunteers, the pair have put time and effort into helping design and fine-tune the new course. 

Disc golfers enjoy the new “Shiners 9” course at Main Street Park in Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

“One of the teachers over at the junior high is really passionate as well and he was the one who actually laid out his ideas of where the baskets could go and then we just walked it and fine-tuned it and everything,” Banister said. “It’s so much fun; it’s something I’ve done for a while so I was kind of advocating for it here.” 

While the installation of the concrete tee pads and signs is still in progress, that hasn’t hindered disc golfers from enjoying the new course, City Manager Bob Bolz said. 

“We’ve had a ton of people playing; it is tremendously popular and it’s something else to do at the city,” Bolz said. “It’s really just getting started but we’ve already got a whole lot of people playing it. We’ve had people come in and play from all over the county and other counties.” 

The signs that will be installed at each tee pad will include the hole number, par number and distance from the tee pad to the basket. The city also hopes to secure sponsors for each hole, so each sign will include a space at the bottom for the sponsor’s name.

The course is listed on UDisc, an app used by disc golfers, so anyone playing can use the app to locate each basket and follow the layout of the course, Banister said. 

Disc golfers enjoy the new “Shiners 9” course at Main Street Park in Dawsonville. - photo by Erica Jones

The course is completely free, and for those wanting to try out the sport without purchasing a set of discs, the Dawson County Public Library has discs available to borrow with a Dawson County Library card. A starter set of discs can run as low as $20 on Amazon, Banister added, so it’s not a huge investment to get out and try the sport. 

Both Banister and Bolz said that since the installation of the baskets the course has been filled with disc golfers enjoying the “Shiners 9”, and they are confident that the traffic through the course will continue to be strong and to benefit the city. 

“It brings a whole other element of people who might not have normally come to the park; then it brings them into our city so maybe they’re eating here or spending their money at Food Lion or the gun store or one of the antique stores or something like that,” Banister said. “I’m glad it’s taking off and people are enjoying it; we love it.” 

For more information about the “Shiners 9” and to view the course on UDisc, go to