BREAKING: Georgia Supreme Court upholds Dawson County man’s conviction for Hannah Bender’s 2019 murder
The district attorney recognized the "horrific” nature of Bender’s death, thanking those involved in the judicial process and stating that “justice was well served” in the case.
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Sudie Crouch
“Mrs. B said you unfriended her,” was how Mama greeted me one day on the phone. “I did no such of a thing,” I replied. “She said you did.” “She doesn’t have her facts straight.” Mama tsked tsked at my comment, finding it disrespectful, I am sure. “So, you didn’t unfriend her?” “No, I haven’t unfriended anyone,” I answered. “Why does she think I have?” “Because she was trying to Facebook you – am I saying that right? And she went to your profile, but you were no longer friends.” “Maybe she unfriended me,” I said.