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The power of a word that is kept
Ronda Rich
It was my junior year in college before I had the unfortunate experience of meeting, for the first time, a man who did not keep his word. He had been, as it turned out, temporarily, put in charge of a newspaper that was struggling with its first computer system. There was a lot of imputing that needed to be done such as press releases, obituaries, public service announcements and birth announcements. Proud as a peacock of his ascension to management, albeit a brief one, he called and asked if I would consider a part-time job. I had just finished an internship there so I was fairly certain that I was being hired for the stellar job I had done answering the telephone, handing out the mail and making coffee. I was going to school full-time and already I had two regular part-time jobs, one at a radio station and another at a dress shop. But I desperately wanted to work in newspaper.