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The New Beginning That Begins with Easter
Ronda Rich
Easter is arriving just in time. I want the new beginning, symbolically and emotionally, that comes with Easter every spring. It is true that I am in need of the new season that comes with a Easter bonnet. The first part of this year has been littered with weeds that began with preparing taxes. This is a huge job that includes company and personal taxes and two deadlines of March 15 and April 15. Tink and I went to London in January for a week so I worked long into the nights beforehand to get all the bookkeeping in tip-top shape so the tax preparer could get started. First of all, it’s routinely important to me to be considerate of the tax preparer because of others who wait until the last minute. I am always concerned about adding stress to others. I delivered a mountain of paperwork and asked, “Do you need anything else from me? I know we have forms that are still to come but this will get you started.”