BREAKING: Early-morning house fire one of two tamed by Dawson County crews in the past 24 hours
One Dawson County man is safe due to the quick-thinking actions of a neighbor who noticed an early-morning fire at a nearby home Thursday.
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Nature’s trying to kill me
Sudie Crouch
Nature may be trying to kill me. I am the first to admit, I love nature on my own terms. Seeing it through the window of my air-conditioned space is usually enough to satisfy my soul for all things pastoral. I can see our deer come into the yard to feed. There is even a tame little squirrel that has enough moxie to come up on the porch rail and gaze into the kitchen window until she is given peanuts. The adorable animals are the limits of my nature loving. Bugs, however, are another story. Lightning bugs, lady bugs, grasshoppers, butterflies, and dragonflies are all precious, but the creepy, crawling things not so much.