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My son, the future president of 2038
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The first grade class voted a few weeks ago and it was announced during awards day that the "Most Likely to be President of the USA" was my child.

Cole's teacher, Mrs. Robin even declared that Cole would be one to get things done if he was in the White House and she'd vote for him tomorrow if he ran.

Cole, of course, took this title and ran with it, telling me the President wanted Dairy Queen after he received his award.

I am not too sure I want my child to be the president. There's a lot of pressure, tremendous stress not to mention the responsibility involved.

"Being the pres is a pretty tough job, Cole," I told him. "What will be your first executive order?"

Cole didn't have to think long about that. "Be nice."

"You're going to tell everyone to be nice?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Yup. That's an order. Everyone has to be nice. "

"What about countries that want to go to war with the U.S.?" I continued. "What will you do about the oil situation? Job creation?"

Cole frowned at me.

"Mama, you are asking a child way too many questions. I will have to get back to you on that."

Unlike many politicians, he was true to his word and came into my office two days later with his answers.

"Mama, know how you asked me about what I will do when I'm president about countries wanting to go to war?"

I nodded, waiting for his reply.

"I am going to send Miss Missy to talk to them."

Miss Missy is his school's counselor. Cole has told me she helps them when their feelings are broken and helps them find ways to deal with their bad emotions.

"After they talk to Miss Missy, they won't want to hurt anyone."

"As for the jobs, we are going to only sell things in this country that we make. No more stuff from other countries. We're getting back to work and we're gonna make good stuff too. And if other countries can't get along with us, they can leave us alone. That's the rule on the playground. If you can't play well with someone, you go play elsewhere."

"Who's going to be your running mate?" I asked, smiling at his simple wisdom.

"Piggie, of course. Which will also mean no more pork. We can't eat the vice-president."

"Well, I guess my final question is which ticket will you run on?" I asked.

Cole shrugged, not knowing what I meant.

"Are you going to be a Republican or Democrat?" I asked.

"I don't know what that means, but I am gonna be the people's president and be for the people."

It all sounded very simple and precious to me, his mother. But it also made perfect sense.

Who knows, maybe a seed planted in the mind of a 7-year-old to be president will one day come true.

We've got to wait til 2038 to find out.