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Merri Grace
Ronda Rich
One Saturday night, Louise called and asked if we wanted to go with her and Rodney to a funeral the next day. Tink did not know the woman and I had met her only once, but she was an enormously kind person who was loved by many. She regularly bought my signed books for gifts. Too, Southerners sometimes use funerals for entertainment the way the British use polo games. Generally, the farther away the funeral is from home, the more appealing it is for a normally slow Sunday afternoon. Nonnie lived two hours away so, for all these reasons, it was especially appealing. Though the loss of such a precious woman was sad, it did, indeed, turn out to be entertaining when Tink, in a dark suit, was mistaken for a pallbearer. Then they carried Miss Nonnie out of the chapel to the energetic sounds of Elvis Presley singing “Polk Salad Annie.” She loved Elvis.