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Making Buttermilk Biscuits
Ronda Rich
By complete accident – something that Mama would never have predicted – I became a good biscuit maker. My buttermilk biscuits are so beloved that Tink made a video of me demonstrating how to make these Southern treasures. You can find it somewhere on YouTube. “Oh, boy!” Tink exclaims if he comes in the kitchen to see my hands covered in dough. “Cathead biscuits. My favorite.” Until Tink moved to the Deep South several years ago, he had never, in his well-educated life that has produced an astounding vocabulary, heard the term, “Cathead biscuits.” Now, he’s an expert on them. Mama was a good biscuit maker and, importantly, her biscuits weren’t saved for special occasions. She made a batch every breakfast and sometimes for supper. I don’t make biscuits like Mama.