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Its not bad to be a Dawson senior citizen
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This column was meant to be written for last week’s paper, but before that happened, I decided to go south for a few days in search of warmer weather.


Actually, for several days, Cape San Blas beach was not a great deal warmer than Dawson County, even in bright, sand-reflected sunshine.


Until mid-week, there was a chilly wind and pounding surf.


But with excellent seafood, good company, some interesting reading and the same television coverage as here, it was a good decision.


What I had planned to write is not out-dated. In fact, I have said it several times, but the idea was again brought into focus at the last AARP meeting.


A recently retired lady came to join the group at the Senior Center and see what’s going on.


As Center Director Margie Weaver outlined some on-going and up-coming activities, the newcomer was delighted to learn, for example, about exercise and painting classes — for free.


There are many other outlets in which a retiree can become involved, entertained, and even accomplish something.


That AARP group, by the way, is smaller than it should be, with so many retirees in our area.


Of course, if everybody read the local papers, they would be more knowledgeable about such opportunities.


And becoming involved with any group opens doors for new friends and information about even more activities. One’s horizons expand.


Attending George David’s 80th birthday celebration reminded me of how many friends I’ve had the privilege of making through various groups and endeavors in which I have been involved since making Dawson County my home — and for me that has been more than a quarter century.


I had such a good time visiting with several friends whom I seldom see anymore.


In fact, that birthday party was an absolutely delightful occasion: what else could one expect from five daughters and a sister — and an honoree who deserved to be celebrated. We do appreciate what you have given to Dawson County, George. And, by the way, Marie would have approved of what you gals did to make the celebration special.


This week away has been rejuvenating because I’ve been so lazy.


But it also makes me realize how fortunate I am to spend these senior years being pleasantly busy among pleasant and interesting people in the comfortable environment of Dawson County.


I hope many of you feel so fortunate.


Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.