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I have many doppelgangers, but Amy Winehouse?
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They say everyone has a twin. Some people have more than one person they look like. Apparently, I have quite a few.

When I was younger and insisted on blunt heavy bangs, I was told on numerous occasions I looked just like Shannen Doherty. Or anyone who grew up in the '90's may remember her as the much-hated Brenda Walsh from "Beverly Hills, 90210."

I grew my bangs out and was later told I favored Shania Twain. I didn't see that one at all.

I've been compared to Suzanne Sugarbaker, or Delta Burke, her real life name. Of course, that comparison was sprinkled with "you look like that chubby one on Designing Women...."

One of my supervisors at Belk told me I looked like a brunette, much less well-endowed, pre-plastic surgery Dolly Parton.

"Oh, you mean the "Coat of Many Colors Dolly," I said. "Not the present day too skinny Dolly." Then another supervisor called me his young Joan Collins. All that was missing was me fighting Linda Evans in a pool while wearing a Bob Mackie gown.

Sarah Palin comparisons were the most recent, especially if I had on my glasses. Personally, I don't see any resemblances between myself and the former governor but I have had several people randomly tell me I look like her.

I am sure all of those comments were meant to be compliments. At least, I hope that is the nature in which they were intended.

And most were flattering to some degree. They were usually celebrities who are known for being somewhat attractive.

Until someone recently told me I looked like someone, well, mainly known for usually being photographed in unflattering circumstances.

Amy Winehouse.

Now, granted, that day the humidity had me putting my hair up in what looked like a quasi-beehive. I thought I looked like a hillbilly reject from "Jersey Shore" more than Ms. Winehouse.

My response, of course, was "Noo, Noo, Nooo..."

Of course, the person - who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty - said he meant it as a compliment.

Apparently, he had seen some lovely photos of the singer where she was really made up and glamorous. Not the ones I saw of her wandering around the streets of London in her drawers.

Really? Amy Winehouse.

It made me rethink how I may see someone and they remind me of a celebrity. Just because I consider it a compliment, the person on the receiving end may not.

As I made my way to my car that evening, wearing my glasses and bouffant of shame, a young man stopped me.

"You know who you look like wearing those glasses?" he began.

I stopped in my tracks and prepared myself.

"Let me guess: Sarah Palin?"

He looked confused.


"Former runningmate of John McCain, previous governor of Alaska,"I said.

He thought for a moment.

"Her daughter was on ‘Dancing with the Stars', right? And she had her own reality show?"

I nodded.

"I'm only 20, I don't keep up with politics yet," he smiled in his defense.

"But anyway, I was gonna say you kinda look like that woman on '30 Rock;' you know, Tina Fey."

I smiled. The lady who did the Palin impersonations.

"I mean that as a compliment," he said, flashing a smile again. "I hope you took it as one."

I smiled in return.

"You betcha."

Sudie Crouch is an award-winning humor columnist and certified life coach. She lives in the north Georgia mountains with her family and four insane, but fairly well behaved dogs.