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Having enough
Ronda Rich
When I was a child growing up, we always had enough. If you asked Daddy, I am sure he would have said that we had an abundance. And, in many ways we did. There was always an abundant summer garden that prepared us for winter as well as home grown beef, pork and chicken. Mama always had enough dollars for a fabric sale in order to make our dresses and every two years, Daddy bought a new Hart, Schaffner and Marx suit from the nice men’s store on the town square. We lived in a solid, little house with three bedrooms and one tiny bathroom and there was never a worry over paying the light bill before the power was cut off. Our meager bills were paid on time. When I was seven, we got a second hand color TV. When I was 10, we got a new one with a remote control and that was a big deal because I no longer had to get up and down to turn the channels for Daddy. Yet, we did still have to use the antenna gizmo on top of the set which would turn the antenna until each station came in clearly. I can still hear the buzzing mummer as it turned. This was a precise science.