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The Fashion Designer Wannabe
Ronda Rich
To be truthful, I was ‘agin’ it from the beginning. To tell the unvarnished truth, I was quite a brat about it. This has been a long time past so it hurts less to tell you how unseemly I acted. Of course, I was dealing with Mama and, on occasion, I could act unseemly, mainly motivated by something unseemly she said. My first book was about to be published and had received some quite unexpected good reviews when the galley of the book had been sent out. People magazine, which, at the time, only reviewed two books per issue, had praised it and some major newspapers had given it a nod of approval. Since the book was about Southern women, who we are and how we are raised, a newspaper reporter decided it was quite a fine idea to call Mama. The reporter did this without my knowledge. I would never have agreed to it.