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Dr. Calvin Hanrahan
Ronda Rich
You don’t forget a man like Dr. Calvin Hanrahan. At least I can’t. I wonder, from time to time, if he remembers me. Dr. Hanrahan was a comical, loveable, competent professor of mine when I was in college. Unlike many comical and loveable professors, he was the head of the Department of Humanities and since I was a journalism major, that school was under his direction. He was a devoted family man. His wife, Beth, also taught at the college. They had two sons, in middle school at the time, who, like both parents, were good-natured and fun. Like their father, they both had thick, rakish hair and a crooked smile that jumped through their eyes with full force. Any time spent around the Hanrahan family, jointly or individually, was joyous. It was always a pleasure and a real day-lifter to run into one of them.