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The details of stories and lives
Ronda Rich
When Rev. Billy Graham passed away, there were wonderful tributes that poured forth from people who knew him or had been inspired by his life and preaching. Each news story seemed to recall what most of us had always known about the kind Rev. Graham: He was a man of deep moral conviction; a favorite phrase was “The Bible says”, he was raised on a Charlotte dairy farm, he found salvation in a tent revival then devoted his life to preaching salvation through the risen Christ. We also knew that his wife Ruth had been dedicated until her death, they lived in the North Carolina mountains, he always wore suits with ties and was known for the thick mop of hair that turned from brown to silver. Though his son, Franklin, has taken the helm of his father’s ministry, there are other preachers in the family including Anne Graham Lotz, whom her father had often called, “The best preacher in the family.”