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The Cowboy Way
Ronda Rich
Always, as we enter into a new year, I like to look back at the past year and reflect on the memories, especially the good ones. One of the best memories and most enjoyable evenings we had happened in early November. Of course, before I get to that, I must explain how it all began. In 2019, Tink and I watched “The Waltons,” from the first season to the last. We found it on a channel called INSP. Somewhere halfway through those seasons, we saw a commercial for an INSP-created show called “The Cowboy Way: Alabama.” Tink loves all things cowboy. He even subscribes to a couple of cowboy magazines. And on the cover of my newest book, “Let Me Tell You Something,” he is wearing a cowboy suit, at four years old, that was a Christmas gift from his father’s friend, Mr. Walt Disney.