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Cousin Lynn
Ronda Rich
When we were growing up, my cousin, Lynn, and I were weekend and summertime warriors, fighting side-by-side through childhood journeys and teenage wonders. We fought each other, once in a while, both of us getting mad, sulking until, finally, one said something nice to end it. Then, just that quick, we were off on an adventure through the back woods or plotting how we were going to get some boy to like us. In the summers, we picked blackberries, strung beans and went swimming. In the fall, it was high school football games, pumpkin carving and fall festivals. At Christmas, we stomped through the mountains, picking out cedar Christmas trees, overseeing the cutting of those trees and dragging them back to the truck. We decorated them together and, every year, almost without fail, she played Elizabeth to my Mary in the church pageant.