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Confusion at the red light
Sudie Crouch
I’m kind of a rules girl. I tend to abide by policy and procedure, and think such things provide us with a nice framework in which to operate. Hence my fondness for traffic laws. The rules governing us on the roads have always been something I have tried to adhere to closely, even though my own grandmother took them more as suggestions than law. “You are going too fast!” I would cry from the passenger seat. “Don’t you see the speed limit is 65?” The old woman would grunt at me. “That’s the minimum they want you to go,” was her reply. The fact Mama allowed Granny to drive into her 90’s was downright insane and proved my crazy redhead was more of a risk taker than I realized. “She said she is the best driver in the family and if we want to go anywhere outside of the city limits, she’s driving,” Mama explained.