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Clap your hands, beauty surrounds you
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By the time you’re reading this, we should be finished with the election. I won’t make any comments about that now, except to say, “Thank goodness.” Most of us are tired of hearing the same ads and talking points and receiving robocalls.


But we are not finished with the beauty that has surrounded us.


“Lunch at an Artful Table,” at the Bowen Center was a delightful sight. There are some very talented decorators in Dawson County. 


Every table had an interesting theme, cleverly executed. Items for sale and door prizes were all desirable. (And, by the way, the “sales room,” which is a permanent feature, contains wonderful items made by local artists.)


Thanks to all the sponsors and participants. The lucky ones who attended also had the opportunity to enjoy the photography exhibit; it is being replaced by the Big Canoe artists.


The Community Chorale Concert was, as expected, beautiful. Their rendition of Brahm’s “Requiem,” although less lively than their usual performances, was extremely well done and particularly moving, especially because Conductor Joe Chapman had included in the program all the Scripture passages on which this funereal composition is based. It was powerful.


Even the Mountain Moonshine Festival the previous weekend had its special kind of beauty: hundred of vendors with interesting wares and good food, rows of shiny racing cars, throngs of colorful spectators, a variety of entertainment and the good feeling that it was all helping finance KARE for Kids.


Halloween has become one of our most popular holidays, with decorations, costumes and parties, and many places to go for fun and treats without ringing doorbells and with ‘nary a thought of tricks.


Although we know we are in hard economic times, planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas is still generating excitement.


Football season — local, state and national — just seems to be more colorful than other sports events. Maybe it’s the fall crispness.


Finally, we are very fortunate to live in an area full of natural beauty, especially in autumn.


Fall colors are reaching their peak. Although we do need rain, we have been able to bask in October’s “bright blue weather” and some beautiful Harvest Moons.


I have heard several people say, as we probably do every year, “This year has been even more lovely than usual.”


Count your blessings.


Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.