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The Chastisement
Ronda Rich
In the past year, a friend of ours has chastised both Tink and me for how much we work and the spare attention we pay to her. The first time I received my reprimand by text, I was out-of-town, helping to take care of a loved one who was very sick and needed my full attention. For days, I slept no more than four hours nightly, rarely stopped and took time to eat quickly one meal a day. The text, as is the way of these things, happened to arrive at a particularly low point when I was close to tears due to frustration and exhaustion. I sighed. “Atticus Finch, where are you when I need you?” This was a reference to the famed fictional character of To Kill A Mockingbird who scolded his daughter, Scout, when she dared to criticize someone.