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Catch-up with matching game
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Again, I am apologetic to those who so kindly tell me that they read my columns. I am aware that I have been negligent for several weeks and have a good excuse for only one of those: I did spend a lazy one down at the Cape San Blas beach house. It was there that I thought of this way of describing the getaway time. Maybe you will find it interesting.


Being a former teacher, I am familiar with matching tests. So in the next paragraph you will find a list of adjectives (in alphabetical order). The remaining paragraphs contain a more-or-less chronological account of actions and observations that fit those descriptions.


So, enjoy the game if you dare.


(1) bright blue (2) brilliant  (3) busy, successful  (4) changing to roaring and dull beige  (5) close, loving, enjoyable  (6) crisp, tasty  (7) dark blue, barely rippling  (8) frustrating  (9) graceful  (10) grateful  (11) guilty  (12) normal  (13) relaxing  (14) succulent.


Fortunately, for my friend Polly (also an octogenarian) and I, we had good weather for both the drive down and back, and nothing untoward happened on those day-long trips. In fact, for most of the week we had clear skies and calm seas — so the men in the family were able to have several days of good fishing. For only two days was there wind and pounding surf.


“The men” consisted of my brother and stepbrother and for three days, two of their sons-in-law. It’s wonderful that we have such great relationships, including my sisters-in-law. We always have a good time together. Their good catches resulted in a fantastic fish fry, which, added to a bag of fresh oysters (served on the half-shell), boiled fresh shrimp, some always-delectable barbecued chicken which I carried from Bethel’s Chicken-Q, as well as other great meals, meant that I came home several pounds heavier.


Now that I can no longer swim in the Gulf, ride a bicycle, or even do much beach-walking, lots of time is spent sunning on the decks and reading and watching the seagulls and pelicans sailing by. Not much serious reading to recommend this time.


There is seldom a time to be away from Dawson County without missing some important scheduled events, however. That week, I reluctantly admit, included three church commitments that I didn’t fulfill — and even the annual Moonshine Festival went right on its merry way without my presence.  I did do early voting for the ELOST, but was saddened that, not being a resident of the city, was unable to vote for one of my favorite people.


Being away did not prevent the pile-up of mail (both postal and e-mail) and of fallen leaves which almost obscured my driveway. Speaking of leaves, it was refreshing to return to the color in north Georgia and amazing to notice the difference in roadside color on the way back home, even in a few short days.


Such beauty is now routine, as are meetings and exercise times and regular chores. 


But I end with the same adjective with which I began: I am grateful that I can still follow at least some of that routine.


Helen Taylor’s column appears periodically in the Dawson Community News.