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Be careful its beginning to pile up
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Perhaps we all are guilty of overeating at Thanksgiving, but that’s usually only a one-day binge, plus good leftovers. Now the round of Christmas luncheons, dinners and parties have begun and there is not much recuperating time between the food binges. Also, exercise time may get overlooked.


Unfortunately, most of us cannot resist all those goodies. We even help create them.


Beautiful music and decorations also abound during this holy and festive season.


A small but appreciative audience enjoyed the North Georgia Chamber Symphony Concert at the Bowen Center for the Arts, where there still remains a wonderful display of lots of different types of artistic items that make great gifts (for yourself, as well as others).


Every time I attend a Bowen Center function, I marvel at the opportunities it offers for Dawson County. Those who don’t take advantage of some of them are truly cheating themselves.


Every Christian church celebrates this month with its own traditions, usually emphasizing music — from small-group cantatas, to children’s programs, to outdoor live nativity scenes, to near-professional presentations. And you are not restricted to just your own; you’re invited and welcomed to as many as you can attend. I’d be willing to promise that can get a blessing from any or all.


For many people, shopping is also a pleasure, particularly when one realizes the pleasures that you bring to those who will receive the gifts.


I am impressed by the thoughtfulness that often determines the gift; for instance, a grandmother who gets tickets for a particular race or concert or show that she overheard a young person dreaming about. Because I tire quickly with walking and standing, I’ve shifted much of my shopping to buying gift cards or ordering gifts to be delivered. I’m either too old or too lazy to learn to shop online.


Yet, I somehow feel like I am shirking my duties of careful selection and wrapping. And, like that of many others, my financing is limited.


With the cost of postage, more and more people are trimming their Christmas card lists. When I think of all the people to whom I’d really like to send a greeting, I am almost too overwhelmed to begin. But I can certainly say to all of you who so kindly read my column chatter that I do honestly wish for you a blessed and merry Christmas, one that carries its blessings and happiness right on through 2010 and longer.


Yes indeed, December is one of the busiest times of the year and also one of the most enjoyable.


We just have to be careful that we don’t miss the joy in the midst of the busyness.


And now, to relieve your mind about all the pounds that you thought were beginning to pile up, I have a great bit of news that I just heard and that I hope is true and personally applicable: the average amount of weight that a person gains during the holiday season is 1 pound.