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Balcony People
Ronda Rich
From the beginning, I’ve been grateful for those who showed me a kindness or encouragement. Particularly during my most impressionable years. I never thought I was anything special or particularly good at anything. I finished second in the fourth-grade spelling bee, second in the state 4-H dressmaking competition, and second in a jingle-writing contest about eggs when I was in college. I finished first once when the generous guys of FFA voted me as their sweetheart. I also won an old-fashioned dress contest during Gold Rush Days but since Mama sewed my long, yellow gingham, puff-sleeved dress with a white organdy apron that featured a heart-shaped pocket cut from the gingham, I consider that to be her victory. She was very sweet, though, and let me keep the trophy. It was, I believe, the good Lord who put people in my path early on who did not hesitate to pat me on the back or offer an opportunity. I could name dozens though I am certain there are some who would not remember me.