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A few tips to help work in the garden this February
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Since I can’t think of anything to write about, the following are a few tips to keep in mind as you work in your lawn or garden during the cold days of February.


Prune grapes in January or February.


If this job is left too late in the season, bleeding from cut ends will occur. Train them onto a one or two wire fence.


Plant B & B, bare-root and container-grown trees this month.


Water newly planted trees thoroughly, even if the ground is wet, in order to settle the soil around the roots.


While mulch is important to keep out weeds and grass, don’t pile it against the trunks of trees.


Protect liquid insecticides from cold weather to preserve their effectiveness.


If any product is stored below the manufacturer’s suggested minimum storage temperature, it loses its potency.


The most important factor in determining if the product is usable is the complete absence of crystals.


If crystals remain after the product returns to room temperature, do not use the product. 


Dispose of it according to the directions on the label.


If you are spreading the ashes from your woodburning stove in your garden, be aware that over time you are raising the pH of your soil. Have your soil pH tested before applying any more wood ashes.


Do not use pre-emergence weed control if you are planning to replant or reseed your lawn.


This is a great time to plant bare root roses.  Select a quality plant with at least three to five        strong canes.


For additional information on your lawn and garden call your local County Extension Office at (706) 265-2442.


Clark Beusse is the Dawson County extension agent. For more information, call (706) 265-2442.