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Rotary Club of Dawson County donates $1000 to help relief efforts in Ukraine
Rotary District 6910 to contribute an additional $5000
Rotary Ukraine donation
Rotary District Governor Mike Berg and Rotary Club of Dawson County President Jo Brewer stand with the $1000 check that will be donated by the club to help relief efforts in Ukraine. - photo by Erica Jones

At this week’s meeting of the Rotary Club of Dawson County, the club held a presentation for a contribution of $1000 to the Disaster Response Fund, aimed at helping provide relief to refugees and other victims of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. 

Jo Brewer, president of the Rotary Club of Dawson County, said that contributing to the Disaster Response Fund in emergencies like this is one of the many ways that she and her fellow Rotarians work to help accomplish their goal of “service over self”. 

“This tears our hearts out because there’s Rotary clubs in Ukraine and Russia and my heart goes out to them,” Brewer said. “It’s just a horrible situation, so we’ll do whatever we can do to help.” 

The Disaster Response Fund was created by The Rotary Foundation as a way for donors and rotary clubs around the world to help support those in need in Ukraine. 

From now until June 30, designated Rotary districts bordering Ukraine and the Rotary district in Ukraine can apply for grants of up to $50,000 each from the fund. These grants can be used to provide relief for refugees and victims of the crisis, including items like water, food, shelter, medicine and clothing. 

Other impacted Rotary districts that want to offer support to those affected by the crisis can apply for $25,000 grants through the fund. 

From now until April 30, Rotary districts around the world can contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund to directly support these Ukraine-specific humanitarian efforts. 

The $1000 contributed by the Rotary Club of Dawson County will be in addition to another $5000 that will be contributed to the Disaster Response Fund by Rotary District 6910. 

District Governor Mike Berg said that helping people in situations like this is one of the many ways that Rotary clubs across the globe help support each other when disaster strikes. 

“We are a very giving district,” Berg said. “Three months ago we gave $30,000 to Kentucky Rotarians to help them — we’ve got a budget for disaster relief, so it’s one of the things that we do. It’s not only helping the little community that we’re in, but it’s also helping the big community, and I think that’s important and these folks feel good about it too.” 

Berg added that so far, the 71 clubs in the district have been able to raise about $35,000 to help Ukraine. 

“The issue in Ukraine obviously is dire and we all see about that everyday in the newspaper, tv and the radio,” Berg said. “We’ve had clubs in this district and individuals donate, and we’re up to about $35,000 in donations for Ukraine.” 

The money that the Rotary Club of Dawson County is able to contribute to efforts like the Disaster Response Fund comes out of the club’s foundation fund, which is made up of money raised through various fundraisers throughout the year. 

“The foundation fund actually comes from our fundraisers — like the golf tournament that we’ll be having on the 25th of April, the proceeds go into our foundation fund,” Brewer said. “All the money that we’ve raised throughout the year goes into our foundation, and then when something like this comes up we’re able to affect some change.” 

Brewer added that, once the situation in Ukraine lessens a little, she and her fellow Rotarians hope to be able to make connections with another Rotary club in that area and continue helping out in any way that they can. 

“At some point as things settle down in the Ukraine hopefully we can make a connection with a sister club and really continue the link we have there,” Brewer said. “We know that right now it’s going to be really tough, but we really hope to be able to help and we just wanna add to that.” 

For those interested in helping the Rotary Club of Dawson County with their fundraising efforts to support missions like sending relief to Ukraine, Brewer said that there’s many ways to contribute, including supporting the fundraisers and helping to sponsor events like the upcoming golf tournament. For more information, go to