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Over one ton of food donated to The Place thanks to Alliance Together
The Place Alliance Together 1
Volunteers with Alliance Together help load up food donations to The Place of Dawson at RIC-Rack on July 11 as part of team-led collection efforts. - photo by Julia Fechter

Looking around at the stacks and stacks of donated water bottles, canned goods and other pantry non-perishables, The Place of Dawson at RIC-Rack’s Outreach Coordinator Amy Palmer said she was “amazed and kind of shocked” at what volunteer teams with local nonprofit Alliance Together were able to gather. 

During their summertime food drive, teams and the organization gathered 3,885 pounds and 46 oz. of food, far exceeding the 500-pound goal that had been set earlier. 

Volunteers loaded the donations onto The Place’s truck the morning of July 11 in front of Alliance Together’s second-story office at the Dawson 400 shopping center. 

“These are things our clients ask for all the time,” Palmer said, pointing out highly-requested items like flour, sugar and bottled water, which is especially appreciated during the summer.

The Place Alliance Together 2
Teams for Dawson-based nonprofit Alliance Together donated over 3,000 pounds of food to The Place of Dawson at RIC-Rack on July 11. - photo by Julia Fechter

Alliance Together is a nonprofit aimed at bringing together community members and contributing to various local philanthropic causes, as previously described by DCN.The organization’s corporate office is in Dawsonville, and other offices are in Princeton, Boston and Chicago. More information about the nonprofit is available at

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Nonprofit founder Matt Meyers described that the organization’s past goal of a fall time food drive evolved to one in summertime because they realized the increased need when children were not in school. 

“One of our employees had a great idea. ‘Why don't we make this a team event where we randomly pick people, and those teams can come up with their team names?’” Meyers said. 

People bought shirts for their teams and then competed to see who could raise the most food by their deadline. 

“What we’ve been trying to do is to get our local nonprofit involved, of course, and get local businesses involved or other people that want to be involved,” Meyers said. 

The Place Alliance Together 3

By team, the “Cereal Killers” brought in 351 lbs. and 17 oz. of donations, while the “Tea spillers” brought 978 lbs. and 87 oz. The “Sloppy joes” donated 1,015 lbs. and 17 oz, and the “Hot Dogs” brought 1,459 lbs. and 19 oz. Meyers also brought in 81 lbs. and 6 oz., said Alliance Together marketing director Libby Colon.

Meyers thought the donation efforts would be a good “jumpstart” on helping the Dawson community, especially in light of increased expenses across the board for American residents. 

“At a local level, with all of our people pitching in, it just takes some of the burdens off [of those in need],” he said. 

Palmer later added that all of the food donated for The Place of Dawson at RIC-Rack stays in Dawson County to serve local people.