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Amicalola EMC awards Operation Round Up donations to local groups, encourages members to round up to help others
Operation round up
(L to R) Georgia Mountain Food Bank’s Rebecca Thurman, Colton Donino, Ben Maxwell, Perla Ibarra, Lydia Johnson, Ronii Diaz, Bobby Leverington and Denise Bernardi.

Amicalola EMC has recently awarded fourth quarter 2021 donations from the organization’s Operation Round Up program to several local groups and individuals, and is encouraging its members to participate in the program as a way to put a few small pennies to work in a big way. 

According to a press release by the organization, the fourth quarter Operation Round Up donations were awarded to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank, Lumpkin County Schools and Saint Vincent de Paul-Pickens, as well as to qualifying individuals to use for rent, dental work, heating assistance, propane and repairs to shelter. 

Operation Round Up is a way for Amicalola EMC members to round up their power bill each month to the nearest dollar for charity. 

“If you are looking for a way to donate your small change in a way that will truly make a difference, Operation Round Up is the answer,” the release said. “Thousands of Amicalola EMC members round up their power bills each month for charity. It’s a small amount, usually just pennies — because it can never be more than 99 cents a month and the average donation is more like $6 a year.” 

According to the release, over the past 21 years Amicalola EMC members participating in Operation Round Up have donated $2.4 million to local charities and individuals in their community. 

“Every penny stays right here at home,” the release said. “During this holiday season, make the choice to join them and watch your pennies make a big difference in the lives of those who need it most.”