Daniel Roberts arrested on new charges for allegedly threatening and assaulting teen
Roberts allegedly threatened a teenage victim by saying that he would “give him the same thing he gave his buddy,” referring to Kaleb Duckworth.
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Alliance Together nonprofit aims at bringing community together
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Local man Matthew Meyers started “Alliance Together”, a nonprofit organization aimed at bringing community members together, in 2019, and since then he and his wife Amanda have been working hard to fulfill their mission in the community. 

According to a release by Alliance Together, the vision for the nonprofit first started when Matthew’s first child, Matthew Jr., had his first seizure at the age of five. After several days of up to 26 seizures a day, Matthew Jr. was diagnosed with epilepsy. 

“Matt and his family had a tremendous number of questions with no answers,” the release said. “There were countless hours and sleepless nights trying to find the correct medicine and dosing combinations just to relieve Matthew Jr. of the endless attacks.” 

After a lot of research that yielded very few answers, the release said Matthew Jr. was able to undergo surgery which was deemed a success. Even after the surgery, his condition still demanded a lot of attention and he still needed a lot of help regulating different medications and dosage. During the entire ordeal, Meyers and his family found themselves in need of resources and a support system to get them through it all. 

“As young parents, Matt and his then wife found themselves alone with little resources,” the release said. “They often felt disconnected with their peers which had children with no disabilities. They longed for a support system with parents and children who were going through the same battles in which they were fighting. This was the start of the pull in Matt to not only stay strong for his son but to find ways to give back to the community.” 

From his own experiences with his son, Meyers started Alliance Together, a nonprofit which is focused on bringing the community together and addressing the needs within, whether it’s hunger, loneliness, illness or anything else. The organization contributes to national, regional and local causes through its relationship with Alliance Property Services. 

“Alliance Together cannot solve everyone’s needs, but together a community can,” the release said. “Alliance Together wants to be the link for providing information and pointing those in need in the right direction for the resource and support for whatever need is there.” 

Alliance Together works toward this mission by getting to know the community, becoming involved, holding fundraising events and helping others with their events, the release said. 

“There are so many fantastic people within our community who are willing to help those in need who may have little or no support to help,” the release said. “Alliance Together’s vision is community awareness and bringing the community together.” 

The Alliance Together corporate office is in Dawsonville, and there are also offices in Princeton, Boston and Chicago. For more information about Alliance Together, including upcoming events and how you can help support the nonprofit’s mission in the community, go to